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3D Space Imaging

3D Space Imaging

3D space imaging has a wide range of applications that makes it perfect for businesses looking to engage with customers, improve revenue, and to aid in communication. Here are just a few 3D space imaging applications:

  • Create accurate 3D virtual tours of buildings and spaces with detailed floor plans that give your customers the bird's eye view.
  • Document conditions prior to a renovation and then later during the construction process. In particular, this feature can be used for capturing as-built conditions for items buried within walls and above ceilings before the walls go up.
  • Market to customers and clients by showing off a finished building. 3D space imaging can be easily shared on social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Improve customer reach through engagement in the tours and thus aid in improving revenue.
  • Create guided tours for walking customers through the highlights of the new or old space.

These amazing features stem from our use of the Matterport camera. This tool is what allows us to effectively collect field information, collaborate with our clients, contractors, owners, and so on. The Matterport camera aids us further in the design and engineering process as it allows not only for transparency in our projects but also for us to demonstrate our engineering skills.

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