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Markets Served

Commercial: A business has many needs that are unique to each industry. Whether it be the need for advanced communications, flexibility of space design, or specialized rooms such as data centers, conference rooms, or high value entry ways. In many cases the engineered systems can highlight the architectural details of these spaces or provide control over critical spaces while keeping operating costs at a minimum.

Educational: School and university designs require the engineered systems to focus on energy efficiency, low maintenance costs, indoor air quality, and selection of materials that will stand the test of time. Schools must also be designed with integrated systems that allow the facilities staff to use technology to their advantage such as digital control systems that integrate with access control systems and lighting control systems.

Healthcare: Medical offices and outpatient clinics are integral to provide a community with nearby access to the services that they require. These types of facilities are unique in that they commonly have needs that require the facility to maintain good work flow and containment of specific zones to achieve a healthy environment.

Retail Spaces: Auto dealerships, restaurants, cafés, and home centers to name a few. These types of spaces are typically geared for systems that meet their needs and are economical to operate and maintain. In many cases a multi-tenant design requires that systems have flexibility and yet remain viable for many types of uses.

Industrial: An industrial facility is rare in that the engineered systems can take precedence over aesthetics. Being able to supply utilities to every square inch of a plant requires forethought and strategic planning to create a network that allows for continuous use even during periods of scheduled maintenance. Down time on a manufacturing line, means lost revenue and the building services and utilities must be available at all times.

Municipal: Facilities for cities and towns are very diverse in nature such as fire stations, police stations, office spaces, warehouses, street department garages. The needs of each of these spaces are unique and special attention needs to be paid to every one of them. Primary Engineering, Inc.’s engineers have worked with local municipalities for years designing these types of facilities.

Religious: Houses of worship can be anything from a small community church to a large tabernacle that serves hundreds of families. These types of facilities have evolved to being used sparingly on weekends to multi-functional spaces that host meeting spaces, reception halls, gymnasiums, classrooms, and sanctuaries. The mechanical and electrical systems must have the ability to selectively allow one space to operate while the others are offline to minimize energy costs, while providing flexibility. Many places of worship have needs for sophisticated sound, lighting, and multimedia systems for use during assembly and Primary Engineering, Inc. has the ability to meet these needs.

About Us

Our team is comprised of some of the most talented minds in the fields of mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering. It's this unique mix of talents that enables us to design robust systems that are energy efficient, reliable, and easy to maintain. We do a lot of things and we do them well.